Top 10 in pop music of 2021: The festivals, performances and big moments in a Year of Chicago Music

Britt Julious, Chicago Tribune

As any local dance music fan would tell you, the city’s best venues for electronic, house, techno and other forms of club music are often found in blink-and-you-miss-it spaces. Podlasie Club is no exception. Hidden on a once-quiet stretch of Central Park Avenue in Logan Square, this dive bar has become a new post-pandemic destination for the most eclectic and unique DJs and producers from around the city.  

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Polish Dive Bar Podlasie Club Was Headed Toward Closure. Now, It’s A Nightlife Hot Spot

“When my mom came from Poland in the ’80s, she was able to purchase this place four years after she came to the U.S. … That’s why we want to keep it. She worked hard for it. Why not keep it in the family?” Konopka said.

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Mina Bloom, Block Club Chicago

Will lightning strike Podlasie Club twice?

Last year a new dance party turned this sleepy Polish bar into a hot spot—and prompted a gut rehab of the space. Now that Podlasie is open again, will it recapture that magic?

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Micco Caporale, Chicago Reader

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